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This week I’m posting selections from my favorite quotes from the Hills & Laguna Beach.

This one’s from Lo Bosworth.

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& the miracles

i think you almost forgot that

I could

put words together

they’re living in my head

i’m shaking my


on the street

i sing so so so fucking loud

and no one lives on my street

so no one can hear me

i screamed the words to

more love by smokey robinson

i can feel my heartbeat

i met a hot model who took me outside

and just gave me a hug

there’s a piece of paper between our bodies

there’s a piece of me between you

i heard the phone ring but didn’t have the energy to pick it up

you kissed me but probably forgot the next day

oh god, sometimes it feels like im crawling in someone’s throat

trying to just pull out a couple of words

i grab grab but nothing gets handed to me

i get sad and rest my body on the hardwood floor

i sleep on my stomach but without a mattress my breasts hurt fast

a bug crawled on my leg

actually a cockroach but i didn’t want you to know that

I’m not that messy just infested

things in my stomach

my brain gets cloudy

my hormones even out

when i stare too long i’m trying to figure out what to say

i have things going on but I can’t organize my thoughts

i find it so hard to concentrate

i find it hard to live in the moment

i am ok to scream the lyrics to more love on the street

i screamed the lyrics to more love on the street

i lived the lyrics to more love on the street

a song I hadn’t heard since I was in my 9th grade bedroom comes on the radio

and i feel that same digging sensation a little bit above my stomach

if you put your finger in my belly button

that’s my center

and you would feel everything I feel right now I promise you

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