reap what you sew

oh oh oh my god
i wouldn’t notice the color of the seams
unless the shirt didn’t belong to you
if I’ve spent too much time
imagining this
it’s because I maybe even the intent
conditioned myself to believe it’s okay
even when I lower my standards
on rare occasions
and there,
I heard nothing
doesn’t make things easier
my chest
on an airplane
they gave me the exit row
like I should know better
if you heard my work would you
know I was a woman
would you care

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entertainment is only what you pay for it


he has been working

non stop

heard another revolution

when he left the grocery store


is only what you pay for it

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giving up is easy

giving up is easy

falling asleep on the floor

i knew you had a dream

to give away

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I watched her put her picture
on a Sephora makeup review
all this talk of long
I don’t
have any
armed with
too much time
I start to realize
what I don’t have

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