Completely floored and stoked to interview Air Pop for Packet. I met up with Air Pop and Asher Penn, to ask them about Daisy ParkBeta Pictures, and their plans for the future of film. Air Pop’s EP that came out a few years ago remains one of my favorite debuts of the last few years, and the level of consideration in Daisy Park is an astounding progression from that foundation. There’s 10 pages or so of info in here, and it’s definitely one of the things that I am most proud to have had in Packet. 

Please support this awesome team and buy/rent Daisy Park today.

my favorite color is “Vietnam Vet”

my favorite color is “Vietnam Vet”

deep red pacific blue
Limited time only – special run of new colors

Dayglow Neon            Lemon & Neon Lime Combo
Moss Green
Royal Mountain         Blue / White combo

Honky Tonk              OD / White combo
Creamsicle                 Orange / White combo
Harmony                   Black / White combo
Red / White Blue     Red / White / Blue
Strawberry Fields    Red and White Combo

Desert Foliage           Desert Tan / Foliage Combo
Carolina Beach          Desert Tan / Carolina Blue Combo
Overkill                       Many combined colors
(actual pattern may vary)

A rainbow of colors!
Yellow and Black Combo
Black Widow
Red and Black Combo
Purple and Yellow Combo
Sea Blue
Sea Blue
Orange You Happy
Orange You Happy
ACU Pattern
Neon Pink
Neon Pink
Think Pink
Think Pink
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Neon Turquoise
Neon Turquoise
Kelly Camo
Kelly Camo
Pink Camo
Pink Camo
Blue Camo
Blue Camo
Purple Camo
Purple Camo
Holly Jolly
Green and red combination with a hint of white

Bright Yellow
Neon Lemon
Neon Lime
Carolina Blue
Hunter Green
Bucky Blue
Pretty In Pink
Sneaky Pink
Purple Passion

#1- White
#2- Black
#3- Olive Drab
#4- Scarlet
#5- Yellow
#6- Purple
#7- Turquoise
#8- Silver Grey
#10- Tan
#11- Chocolate Brown
#12- Royal Blue
#13- Kelly Green
#14- Gold
#18- Dark Green
#19- Colonial Blue
#23- Solar Orange

#15- Neon Pink
#17- Neon Yellow
#25- Rose Pink
#26- Neon Orange
#27- Neon Green
#28- Midnight Blue
#29- Teal
#31- Imperial Red
#32- Burgundy
#33- Dark Brown
#34- Rust
#35- Coyote Brown

Royal Blue
Desert Tan
Kelly Green
Woodland Camo
Desert Camo
Safety Orange
Touch Of Gray
Neon Lemon
Neon Lime
Vietnam Vet
Plum Crazy
Gray Scale
Neon Orange Camo
Mustard Yellow
Phoenix Sunrise
WATER-MELON – limited time only
Color as shown above – not to be confused with Waddamelon
Rosa Noche
Blue Rain
New Maroon
Chocolate Heart
Purple Rain
Pacific Red
Sunkist Orange
Digital Viper
Yellow Camo
Mocha Brown
Sky Dive
Sol Azul- navy blue and orange
Pastoral Green
Old Gold

Unique new paracord! Copperhead
Black with 2 crossing tracers of REAL Copper braided into the sleeve

Black or Red Reflective

now available

Black Reflective- click to view

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Bad Girls

"The Instigator"
"The Straight Shooter"
"The Narcissist"
"The Loose Cannon"
"The Party Girl"
"The Warden"
"The Firecracker"
"The Female Fatale"
"The Double Standard"
"The Trash Talker"
"The Prima Donna"
"The Socialite"
"The Pistol"
"The Control Freak "
"The Enforcer"
"The Wild Child"
"The Scrapper"
"The Uber Bitch"
"The South Beach Rebel"
"The Pageant Princess"
"The Elite Player"
"The Trash Talking Cheerleader"
"The Sneaky Stripper"
"The Kung Fu Diva"
"The Southern Belle"
"Agent Orange"
"The Mouth"
"Botox Barbie"
"The Southern Spitfire"
"The Sexy Siren"
"The Party Diva"
"The Prankster"
"The Chief Executive Bitch"
"The Bombshell"
"The Jersey Princess"
"Rough Rider"
"The Voodoo Vixen"
"The Bronx Bombshell"
"The Goofy Gangsta"
"The Powerhouse"
"The Lady Killer"
"The Posh Princess"
"The Staten Island Spitfire"
"The Texas Vixen"
"The Black Sheep"
"The Queen B"
"The Red-Headed Hustler"
"The Scandalous School Girl"
"The Hot Mess"
"The Miami Maverick"
"The Naughty New Yorker"
"The Brick House"
"The Tennessee Temptation"
"The Cali Cutthroat"
"The Platinum Party Girl"
"The Sultry Spitfire"
"The Boss Bitch"
"The D.C. Celebrity"
"The Devious Diva"
"The Texas Temptation"
"The Wild Child"
"The Pin-Up Princess"
"The Caribbean Cassanova"
"The Spunky Spitfire"
"Ms. Chi-Fly"
"The Houston Hellraiser"
"The Jersey Joker"
"Hell On Heels"
"Buff Barbie"
"The Harlem Heartbreaker"
"The Sexy Socialite"
"The Fun-Loving Firecracker"
"The Cali Contender"
"The Tennessee Toughy"
"The Misbehavin Model"
"The Star Chaser"
"The Bootylicious Blondie"
"The Sultry Siren"
"The Inked Queen"
"The Rough Rider"
"The Harlem Hothead"
"The Brooklyn Baller"
"The Weave-ologist"
"The A-Town Aggressor"
"The Rhinestone Cowgirl"
"The Replacement’s Replacement"
"The Twerkin’ Texan"
"The Hot Model"
"The Luscious Loudmouth"
"The Brooklyn Brat"
"The Country Hustler"
"The Rough Rhymer"
"The Chick Magnet"
"The Mobile Belle"
"The Texas Temptress"
"The Chicago Wild Card"
"The Alabama Slammer"

kerenmd: Hi! I picked up Motivation at the NY Book Fair and was wondering what the "motivation' was behind it, also what is it, also what's the point of it? also, it's great/wonderful/mad guud

Thank you so much for the kind words :) I have this little piece of paper that I’ve been keeping in my wallet for almost a decade that I wrote a little about here:  … this was kind of the emotional mood board that I wanted to work off while I made the book. 

Basically, I always find myself posting my favorite songs, or videos that inspire me on Facebook but no one actually logs on there and pays attention to things like that. I’m always trying to explore how I can get people to interact with poetry and language in new ways. I wanted to parallel my favorite songs with my favorite video references, building a kind of mixtape conversation to supplement the book. Instead of me posting why I like them, I thought it would be interesting to kind of turn it into a puzzle where if someone had seen those they would have this crazy moment and if not, someone could care enough to try and figure it out. The clips are supposed to talk to the song before or after, to serve as a narrative for the mix, and to have a conversation with the lyrics in the songs that I chose.

There’s a lot of weird tidbits in there, Ben Stiller talking in Heavyweights, speeches from the Mighty Ducks 2, Dating on Demand videos, the kind of weird youtubes that I find myself circling back to all the time. There are two really quick clips from a video where Jason Dill rewatches his Photosynthesis video. The body and how we all deteriorate, and at the same time get mythologized is intense, all the while still being alive to remember your glory days, or when you were able to do certain things that you aren’t able to now. Sometimes I get scared that I’m living out my glory days and not even realizing it, or not living them to the potential. I think about this video all the time when I get worried about that… it motivates to take more risks/// to be more aware of aging and what comes with that.

As for why I made this, I just had a show in July and I was trying to figure out what was the next piece of art production I could do. The poems and self help moments in “Motivation” are the conversations I have with myself trying to figure that out. I read a few self help books and was really inspired by the kind of cult-y language used in them. Like all advice, they never seem to be giving the same message, so I wanted to use the book form to be a more succinct version of the things that I read that I liked, while also inserting some parts in the book that can also confuse a reader and make your own decisions about what motivates you or not.

Have a rad weekend/stay motivated,